Where to meet the team

SEDI 2022, Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior

11–15 July 2022 | Zurich, Switzerland
Participants: J.-K. Magali, S. Merkel, C. Thomas, M. Saki
TIMEleSS presentations

  • On the hunt for seismic anisotropy in the lower-mantle from the crystallographic preferred orientation of bridgmanite aggregates induced by large-scale flow, by John Keith Magali et al.
  • Microstructures and anisotropy in pyrolite at lower mantle pressures and temperature, by Jeffrey P. Gay, Estelle Ledoux, Matthias Krug, Julien Chantel, Carmen Sanchez-Valle, Sébastien Merkel
  • Seismic anisotropy due to textures above and below the 410 km discontinuity, by Morvarid Saki et al

2022 Diffraction Microstructure Imaging Workshop

25–26 June 2022 | Washington, DC, United States
Participants: S. Merkel
TIMEleSS presentations

  • Multigrain Crystallography in Diamond Anvil Cell Experiments: Application for Phase Transformation and Deformation Microstructures in Earth Mantle Minerals by Sébastien Merkel and the members of the TIMEleSS project

EGU General Assembly 2022

23–27 May 2022 | Vienna, Austria

Participants: J.-K. Magali, S. Merkel

TIMEleSS presentations

  • Surface wave detectability of transition zone anisotropy induced by non-Newtonian mantle flow
    by John Keith Magali et al.
    Session GD6.2 – Anisotropy from crust to core: Observations, models and implications