Where to meet the team

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

13-17 December 2021 | New Orleans, LA, United States

Participants: J. Gay, E. Ledoux, S. Merkel

TIMEleSS presentations

Other related presentations from sister projects

Global Scale Seismic Imaging and Dynamics of the Earth’s Mantle

October 7-8, 2021  |  Collège de France, Paris, France

Participants: J. Gay, E. Ledoux, J.-K. Magali, S. Merkel, C. Thomas

TIMEleSS presentations

  • Phase transitions in the lowermost mantle: effect on microstructuresand seismic observables
    by Sébastien Merkel,
  • Investigating deformation in the mantle through seismological observations
    by Christine Thomas,

TIMEleSS posters

  • In-situ study by multigrains crystallography of deformation of (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 wadsleyite at conditions of the 410 km depth discontinuity by E. Ledoux, J. Gay, M. Krug, O. Castelnau, J. Chantel, N. Hilairet, A. Fadel, M. Bykov, H. Bykova, G. Aprilis, V. Svitlyk, G. Garbarino, C. Sanchez-Valle, C. Thomas, S. Speziale, D. Jacob, S. Merkel
  • Microstructures Induced by Phase Transformations at the 660km Discontinuity by Jeff Gay, Estelle Ledoux, Matthias Krug, Anna Pakhomova, Julien Chantel, Carmen Sanchez-Valle, and Sébastien Merkel