The TIMEleSS project aims at studying interfaces in the Earth’s mantle combining observations from seismology, mineral physics experiments, microstructures, and wave propagation modeling. It is supported through a bilateral grant, from the ANR in France and the DFG in Germany. The project is led by Sébastien Merkel and Nadège Hilairet at the Université de Lille, Christine Thomas and Carmen Sanchez-Valle from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, and Sergio Speziale from the Deutsche GeoForschungsZentrum, Potsdam.

Project launch: March 2018
Duration: 36 months
Total ANR-DFG funding: 700 000 €

Latest news

First training session on multigrain analysis

21 June 2018 | Posted in Special Events, TIMEleSS news

The TIMEleSS team is holding a first training session on multigrain diffraction data processing. The session takes place on June 21-23 at the Université de Lille, in France.

Participants (left to right on the image) include Julien Chantel, Sébastien Merkel, Sergio Speziale, Melissa Achorner, Estelle Ledoux, Ilya Kupenko, and Matthias Krug.

Busy week-end for the TIMEleSS team

9 June 2018 | Posted in TIMEleSS news

TIMEleSS at PETRA, June 2018

Members of the TIMEleSS project are spending a few days at the P02.2 beamline of the PETRA III synchrotron in Hamburg. Week-end will be busy and samples will get hot!

On the picture: Melissa Achorner (WWU Münster), Sergio Speziale (GFZ Potsdam), Estelle Ledoux (Univ. Lille), Matthias Krug (WWU Münster), Ilya Kupenko (WWU Münster), Julien Chantel (Univ. Lille), and Carmen Sanchez-Valle (WWU Münster).

Federica gives her first talk

22 May 2018 | Posted in TIMEleSS news

Federica Rochira gave her first talk at the Institute of Geophysics in Münster. She presented her part of the TIMEleSS project and the first results about the out-of-plane reflections in the mid-mantle. The seismology group of Münster was present but also Carmen and Matthias of the Institute of Mineralogy, also involved in the TIMEleSS project.

Estelle Ledoux joins the TIMEleSS project

18 May 2018 | Posted in TIMEleSS news

Estelle LedouxEstelle Ledoux is a PhD student in the Earth and Planetary Materials group at the Université de Lille since May 2018.

She received a Bachelor degree in Geology from the Université de Caen and a Master degree in Earth, Environment and Planetary sciences at the Université de Orléans. She is interested in minerals, their microstructures, and how they can be induced by deformation. After working on the deformation of natural plutonic rocks under the Cyclades islands, she is now looking into the Earth’s interior.

Her PhD project is funded by the Université de Lille and TIMEleSS. He role within TIMEleSS will concern phase transitions in mantle minerals.

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Université de Lille CNRS   Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster  Deutsche GeoForschungsZentrum

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Unité Matériaux et Transformations, Université de Lille Institut für Geophysik, Universität Münster
Institut für Mineralogie, Universität Münster Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials, GFZ

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Agence Nationale de la Recherche Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  Projet financé par l'ANR