TIMEleSS members at the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans

2021 AGU Fall Meeting, New OrleansTIMEleSS members attended the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in December 2021. S. Merkel and J. Gay travelled to New Orleans, in the United States, and attended the meeting in while E. Ledoux presented her work remotely.

J. Gay presented his work on the Experimental Investigation of Microstructures at the 660 km discontinuity as a poster while E. Ledoux had the opportunity to give two talks on Dislocation Slip In Wadsleyite And Its Implications For The Seismic Anisotropy In The Mantle Transition Zone and on Deformation Mechanisms In Fine-grained MgO Periclase At Pressures Of 1.6-8.3 GPa And Temperatures Of 875-1270 K. Nice overview of upcoming publications.

It was nice to meet people in person again and we hope that, next time, the whole team will manage to make it in person!