Beamtime at SOLEIL!

TIMEleSS team at the SOLEIL synchrotron during COVID-19We’ve made it! Despite delays due to COVID-19, we’ve made it to SOLEIL!

SOLEIL (“Sun” in French) is a synchrotron facility near Paris, France. The name SOLEIL is a backronym for Source optimisée de lumière d’énergie intermédiaire du LURE (LURE optimised intermediary energy light source), LURE meaning Laboratoire pour l’utilisation du rayonnement électromagnétique.

We are currently running an experiment at PSICHÉ (Pression Structure Imagerie par Contraste à Haute Énergie), a beamline dedicated to x-ray diffraction under extreme conditions (pressure-temperature) and to tomography by absorption contrast at high energy (20-50 keV), looking at phase transformation in deep Earth minerals.